Sunday, February 19, 2012


Venue : Foyer, Faculty of Art & Design, UiTM Kedah
Date : 17 February 2012
Event : The audition for IDEC Got Talent

Briefly, this event were held in order to filter up the number of contestant in IDEC Got Talent final show. Somesay, we choose the best of the best and the final IDEC Got Talent are scheduled to run on 25 February 2012 at Dewan Perdana. Performance show are come with a form of acoustic, singing, and dance. Many prizes are subject to expose on that day. I have been noted that many kind of competition are also contested. Who will crown for the Mr. and Mrs. IDEC? Yes, its still remain a big question. Due to this, please wait for the 25th February and everything is going to be expose, haha. See you there.

Here, I attached some photos I took during event. Enjoy.

Audience is supporting the performance made by contestant.

Actually, this event was really happening. I'm suffer for the throat pain due to my excess joy screaming at that night, haha. Everyone inside the Foyer keep making their jokes, so I can't stand myself to laugh, haha. For your information, IDEC Got Talent is open to any UiTM Kedah students, so opportunities is still open for registration, except for singing, and dance competition. Take your chance! All right, thats all for now.

Lastly, I want to tell that this KPOP dance (2nd last) was performed by Diploma in Information Managements' student. Yes, I admit this dance smells a little bit sexy, its leading me to melt, haha. As you see on the last picture, this dance is also driven them crazy. As the event is going to close, the same group are requested by lecturer to perform the same dance, haha.

Note: IDEC Got Talent is the talent show organized by IDEC and AD students Part 2. IDEC is stand for Industrial Designer's Club.

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