Saturday, March 03, 2012


Last week, one of my lecturer in UiTM Kedah ask me to take the photography assignment for his wedding, but he want to see all my portfolio first before he decide on anything about it. Due to what he requested, I manage to upload some of my wedding photography portfolio collection. All these picture is a combination of different bride and groom, during I took a wedding assignment, and a tag along task with my fellow wedding photographer in Batu Pahat area. I record this images since 2009 until now. Actually, I'm still new in this field, so, enjoy my photos, and building criticism is preferable. Thanks.

Photos below is the newest collection of my wedding photos I took, enjoy.

Note: For information, all these photos is unedited, except for some photo with minor saturation and recompose.

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terbaekkk mii

Anonymous said...

TERBAIK AMI !! boleh pergi jauh :) Akmal Adanan

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