Thursday, February 16, 2012


Venue : Park Avenue Hotel, Sungai Petani
Date : 3 February 2012
Event : Faculty of Art and Design, UiTM Kedah (AD Dinner Galaxy)

Semester by semester, AD Faculty will organize the mass dinner for both student and lecturer. The batch in charge to execute our dinner is Part 4 AD student, in cooperation of both Industrial Design and Graphic Design department. Usually, the dinner is come with theme, so it will let students to show their creativity in a form of costume, outfit, performance and style. The batch in charge is also included, they have to show us more in term of event planning, props design, and theme selection. During the event, I was appointed as a 2nd Official Photographer (OP) together with the 1st OP from Graphic Design department. Here, feel pleased to view the picture I took.

The opening performance by (Merbok Art & Design) MAD stompers.

They were lecturers!

Some of students creativity in a form of fashion, haha.

The opening speech by program coordinator, Mr. Asrol Hasan.

Some of award giving to the best student for past and current semester. The award is categorized by semester. The best dressed student award is also plays the part.

The (North Face Crew) NFC is performing dance, totally superb! I'm really enjoy their outstanding dance moves.

The main purpose of this dinner is to enjoy the Part 6 or last semester students because the next semester they were move to Shah Alam for degree level. Due to this, our high committee prepared a large scale cake, a 10kg Chocolate Indulgence Cake by Secret Recipes. It's worth for RM 450-500 if I'm not mistaken. The taste? Ahh really good.

Backstage guy, and also very talented performer.

The brief explanation done. As promised, today I manage to upload several pictures which highlight the circumstances of our dinner. Our dinner is really like no others, I'm absolutely having fun in this dinner. Our fatigue in managing this event is eventually paid after receiving a lot of positive feedbacks from student and lecturer's side. Although there is many lacks in the preparation phase, by the way we did it! we covered all weaknesses in order to present the best we could. Yeah, Good job Part 4 students! Finally we managed to show others how united we are.

Note: The full pictures can be seen on my facebook account. Please kindly click HERE. If you wish to see another picture from the 1st OP, kindly click HERE. Thank you for reading.


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wahh nmpk hebat mlm tu semua.. persembahan pun, WOW!!

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yupp sgt happening

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have one ever heard the word less is more?

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