Wednesday, February 08, 2012


Official Poster, Galaxy Dinner. A cosmic-shattering event.

1. Graphic above is the official poster for our 'galaxy' themed dinner. Our dinner is involving the entire student of Faculty of Art & Design (AD), UiTM Kedah, which divided into two department, Graphic and Industrial Design. High committee of this dinner is only participated by semester 4 student, practiced every semester since the establishment of Faculty AD in UiTM Kedah. Okay, they were very important team to execute the special task, in order to made our dinner run smooth. For your information, I was in a design team, lead by graphic design student. I'm not the one who design the poster above, but I'm just helping them for the supplementary poster, hehe.

2. Our galaxy dinner are scheduled to run on 3rd February 2012 at Park Avenue Hotel, Sungai Petani. We in the high committee, were tightly prepared since a night before until tomorrow dusk. Everyone was really tired since we were giving all commitment do we have. Props-man team are the one who really tired physically. After all preparation was done, galaxy dinner starts as we plan, on 8.00pm. As the ceremony is about to start, I was officiated as a photographer of the ceremony, with my friend in a graphic design department. I'm happy with this!

3. I had promised before to share the picture I took in this dinner. Sorry about that because right now I'm quite busy with assignment. Oh yes! now our diploma semester is on weeks 11th over weeks 14th in total, so everything should be finalized. Ahh so tired.

4. Next update will be coming with plenty of picture, stay tuned! thanks for reading.

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