Sunday, February 19, 2012


Venue : Foyer, Faculty of Art & Design, UiTM Kedah
Date : 17 February 2012
Event : The audition for IDEC Got Talent

Briefly, this event were held in order to filter up the number of contestant in IDEC Got Talent final show. Somesay, we choose the best of the best and the final IDEC Got Talent are scheduled to run on 25 February 2012 at Dewan Perdana. Performance show are come with a form of acoustic, singing, and dance. Many prizes are subject to expose on that day. I have been noted that many kind of competition are also contested. Who will crown for the Mr. and Mrs. IDEC? Yes, its still remain a big question. Due to this, please wait for the 25th February and everything is going to be expose, haha. See you there.

Here, I attached some photos I took during event. Enjoy.

Audience is supporting the performance made by contestant.

Actually, this event was really happening. I'm suffer for the throat pain due to my excess joy screaming at that night, haha. Everyone inside the Foyer keep making their jokes, so I can't stand myself to laugh, haha. For your information, IDEC Got Talent is open to any UiTM Kedah students, so opportunities is still open for registration, except for singing, and dance competition. Take your chance! All right, thats all for now.

Lastly, I want to tell that this KPOP dance (2nd last) was performed by Diploma in Information Managements' student. Yes, I admit this dance smells a little bit sexy, its leading me to melt, haha. As you see on the last picture, this dance is also driven them crazy. As the event is going to close, the same group are requested by lecturer to perform the same dance, haha.

Note: IDEC Got Talent is the talent show organized by IDEC and AD students Part 2. IDEC is stand for Industrial Designer's Club.

Friday, February 17, 2012


Kg. Bujang terletak di kawasan Bedong, Kedah, kira-kira 6km dari UiTM Kedah. Bedong pula berada di kawasan parlimen Merbok, dimana ia terletak dibawah pentadbiran daerah Kuala Muda, Kedah. Sawah padi merupakan sebahagian besar kawasan tanah di Kg. Bujang selain kawasan penempatan penduduk. Bermula pada bulan Januari yang lepas, kelihatan musim menuai padi telah berjalan. Disitu aku dan rakan melawat kawasan sawah padi tersebut, disamping mengambil ketenangan dari pemandangan yang cantik.

Rasa ketenangan kampung sangat dirasai, dimana kurangnya trafik kenderaan di jalan raya. Kanak-kanak juga kelihatan bebas mengayuh 'fixie' di tengah-tengah jalan raya. Bayuan angin sangat menenangkan jiwa. Tapi, lagi cantik suasana di sana jika padi sedang menghijau, ditambah pula dengan keindahan pemandangan Gunung Jerai dari jauh. Langit yang biru dan berawan juga menambahkan keindahan pemandangan tersebut. Syukur aku dapat rasa benda ni.

Thursday, February 16, 2012


Venue : Park Avenue Hotel, Sungai Petani
Date : 3 February 2012
Event : Faculty of Art and Design, UiTM Kedah (AD Dinner Galaxy)

Semester by semester, AD Faculty will organize the mass dinner for both student and lecturer. The batch in charge to execute our dinner is Part 4 AD student, in cooperation of both Industrial Design and Graphic Design department. Usually, the dinner is come with theme, so it will let students to show their creativity in a form of costume, outfit, performance and style. The batch in charge is also included, they have to show us more in term of event planning, props design, and theme selection. During the event, I was appointed as a 2nd Official Photographer (OP) together with the 1st OP from Graphic Design department. Here, feel pleased to view the picture I took.

The opening performance by (Merbok Art & Design) MAD stompers.

They were lecturers!

Some of students creativity in a form of fashion, haha.

The opening speech by program coordinator, Mr. Asrol Hasan.

Some of award giving to the best student for past and current semester. The award is categorized by semester. The best dressed student award is also plays the part.

The (North Face Crew) NFC is performing dance, totally superb! I'm really enjoy their outstanding dance moves.

The main purpose of this dinner is to enjoy the Part 6 or last semester students because the next semester they were move to Shah Alam for degree level. Due to this, our high committee prepared a large scale cake, a 10kg Chocolate Indulgence Cake by Secret Recipes. It's worth for RM 450-500 if I'm not mistaken. The taste? Ahh really good.

Backstage guy, and also very talented performer.

The brief explanation done. As promised, today I manage to upload several pictures which highlight the circumstances of our dinner. Our dinner is really like no others, I'm absolutely having fun in this dinner. Our fatigue in managing this event is eventually paid after receiving a lot of positive feedbacks from student and lecturer's side. Although there is many lacks in the preparation phase, by the way we did it! we covered all weaknesses in order to present the best we could. Yeah, Good job Part 4 students! Finally we managed to show others how united we are.

Note: The full pictures can be seen on my facebook account. Please kindly click HERE. If you wish to see another picture from the 1st OP, kindly click HERE. Thank you for reading.

Wednesday, February 08, 2012


Official Poster, Galaxy Dinner. A cosmic-shattering event.

1. Graphic above is the official poster for our 'galaxy' themed dinner. Our dinner is involving the entire student of Faculty of Art & Design (AD), UiTM Kedah, which divided into two department, Graphic and Industrial Design. High committee of this dinner is only participated by semester 4 student, practiced every semester since the establishment of Faculty AD in UiTM Kedah. Okay, they were very important team to execute the special task, in order to made our dinner run smooth. For your information, I was in a design team, lead by graphic design student. I'm not the one who design the poster above, but I'm just helping them for the supplementary poster, hehe.

2. Our galaxy dinner are scheduled to run on 3rd February 2012 at Park Avenue Hotel, Sungai Petani. We in the high committee, were tightly prepared since a night before until tomorrow dusk. Everyone was really tired since we were giving all commitment do we have. Props-man team are the one who really tired physically. After all preparation was done, galaxy dinner starts as we plan, on 8.00pm. As the ceremony is about to start, I was officiated as a photographer of the ceremony, with my friend in a graphic design department. I'm happy with this!

3. I had promised before to share the picture I took in this dinner. Sorry about that because right now I'm quite busy with assignment. Oh yes! now our diploma semester is on weeks 11th over weeks 14th in total, so everything should be finalized. Ahh so tired.

4. Next update will be coming with plenty of picture, stay tuned! thanks for reading.

Saturday, February 04, 2012


AJK tertinggi memberikan taklimat kepada pelajar semester 1, 2, 3 dan 4 tentang perjalanan majlis, mengenai pengangkutan, pakaian, dan sesi soal jawab.

Taklimat kepada semua pelajar semester 4, untuk penyerahan tugas terakhir majlis AD Dinner Galaxy dan penerangan terperinci aturan majlis.

Ashraf Omar, orang disebalik tabir untuk design segala poster, lanyard, streamer dan banner untuk kegunaan majlis.

AJK props dan AJK lain yang turut serta dalam persediaan props AD Dinner Galaxy.

3 Februari 2012, pelajar semester 4 Fakulti Senilukis & Seni Reka (AD) akan menganjurkan majlis makan malam yang bertemakan galaksi. Setelah beberapa siri mesyuarat AJK dan pelaksanaan tugas yang telah diberikan, gambar-gambar diatas menunjukkan persiapan terakhir mereka sebelum menjelangnya AD Dinner Galaxy pada esok harinya. Mereka bekerja di Foyer Fakulti AD dari malam hingga ke esok pagi. Persiapan pada malam tersebut adalah menyeluruh. Peserta persembahan juga datang untuk berlatih dan mereka buat raptai ringkas. Tengoklah gambar yang ada. Terima kasih.

Nota: Kesemua gambar diatas adalah tanpa flash, ISO 4000 ke 6400, dan tidak diedit. Semua original! haha.

Nota: Update tentang perjalanan majlis akan menyusul, tunggu!


Alhamdulillah, few weeks ago, on 13 January 2012, I'm safely purchased a brand new Canon EOS 60D with EF-S 18-55mm IS II kit. Don't be confuse with the box graphic (EF-S 18-135 IS kit), because it's my request to change the kit lens. Why this had happen is because, at that time, there is only one stock available in store, with 18-135mm kit. I'm feel quite appreciated as a customer because reseller tolerate with my request to do so. What do I love most is, they give me to try this product even at that time I didn't give any decision to purchase it.

Although I'm research a lot about this product, I'm feel pleased with seller hospitality. They give me a clear enough instruction, knowledge and more info should I know about Canon and this 60D model. Attracted with their good services, I'm making a final decision to purchase this 60D, at the same time, same shop. After calling my brother, looking for some advice, and eventually, he approved. Next moment, I'm going to the nearest bank for money withdraw. For your information, I change the kit lens is because I have to make some cut of my budget, haha.

These two lens are gears to line up my bag. The EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS II is my kit lens and the EF 50mm f/1.8 is my additional lens I purchased at the same time, same place. The 18-55mm is really basic lens, and its hard to say that I have to get familiar with this lens in order to compose the creative shot. Yeah! but, I love this 50mm because its f/1.8, produce a good enough bokeh, and really cheap. I bought it with only RM240. What I'm happy for most is because, the another shop, they had offered around RM270-280 for 50mm. Yes! I'm choosing the right place to purchase it.

This is my newest gear appeared in my bag. Yes, its a flashgun, a pretty helpful tool for me to shoot in the night. I'm purchase this flashgun on 30 January 2012. This is a Canon speedlight flagship, the most advance flash system in the entire Canon company. I'm glad to own it because its precise, and very-very useful in the ETTL or auto mode. This tool made my job really easy.

Note: Before, I'm using Nikon, a complete set for photography job, covering from ultra wide angle to telephoto and a flashgun. But, with my own reason, I manage to sell all my previous gear, in order to convert for Canon. I'm happy with my decision even I have to go back with the basic lens.

Note: What I love most about my new gear is, the noise/colour management in high ISO level and underexposure condition is superb. Same goes to the auto focus system because its a little bit faster. This Canon made my job easy. The colour tone is awesome, so, the post processing in Adobe Photoshop is not really necessary.

Note: Reseller location, Komtar walk, Penang.

Wednesday, February 01, 2012


Salam and very good evening to everyone,

All right, today I feel I wanna write something. Maybe right now I'm not in good shape, that's why I think, writing may help me to relieve, hopefully. Okay, just wanna share, I'm not getting used to be a busy man. Yup, being a University student is totally filled with pressure, plus, I got my personal task at hometown, so I got many things to do. Its called busy, and I'm not really good to face it.

I got Chinese New Year group photos to be finalize for print, same goes to portraiture photos of Surau Al-Mansur. Also, our faculty dinner preparation running at the same time and many in background. So, those distraction a little bit made my passion for study goes fading. I'm change from being a perfectionist to a loose guy.

Before, I'm a time efficient guy, done work on time, looking lecturer for knowledge and anything good student does. But now, I'm a bit lazy, waiting knowledge looking for me, postponement, last minute work, and doing work not in a fit shape. Yes I admit this is sad. I always said to myself, I don't want to do a job last minute because not having a sleep in a night is suffer. But, its always had happen to me.

Realizing the bad changes, I plan for a recovery plan before final assessment date come to my door-room. I'm pray and hope the old good me will unite into a new me.

My plan in advance, active in photo blogging and in the same time, active in study.