Monday, October 10, 2011


Today, is the second day I'm home and its such a great feeling to me. After months in Kedah, finally semester break arrived at last. In my mind, many of to do's list waiting for queue. Hopefully I can accomplish it in a effective ways. One of it is, to make my blog easy read by anyone and reach my target to made this blog as a medium to share some of my artwork.

My desire is to write a longer post in this blog but I don't know why I can't. I'm no longer effective in doing so. This blog is built about 2 years ago, in order to alter it as a photoblog but I'm kind a ineffective person to do so. Time management is always be a problem since I always paid for the longer time to post a blog post and I hate to do so. My wish is to write a post in a improper way but nice, which in the same time, its save my time, but I don't know that I prefer more to write in a proper ways without any abbreviation of word. Envied to person who masterminded in Blog Serius's blog. His blog is simple and his kind of writing is time efficient and I love this way more.

This a month holiday of mine, I wish to make some of portrait drawing, some research of furniture basics, some of photography work, some of my digital data management, and some of something which beneficial to me.