Wednesday, February 01, 2012


Salam and very good evening to everyone,

All right, today I feel I wanna write something. Maybe right now I'm not in good shape, that's why I think, writing may help me to relieve, hopefully. Okay, just wanna share, I'm not getting used to be a busy man. Yup, being a University student is totally filled with pressure, plus, I got my personal task at hometown, so I got many things to do. Its called busy, and I'm not really good to face it.

I got Chinese New Year group photos to be finalize for print, same goes to portraiture photos of Surau Al-Mansur. Also, our faculty dinner preparation running at the same time and many in background. So, those distraction a little bit made my passion for study goes fading. I'm change from being a perfectionist to a loose guy.

Before, I'm a time efficient guy, done work on time, looking lecturer for knowledge and anything good student does. But now, I'm a bit lazy, waiting knowledge looking for me, postponement, last minute work, and doing work not in a fit shape. Yes I admit this is sad. I always said to myself, I don't want to do a job last minute because not having a sleep in a night is suffer. But, its always had happen to me.

Realizing the bad changes, I plan for a recovery plan before final assessment date come to my door-room. I'm pray and hope the old good me will unite into a new me.

My plan in advance, active in photo blogging and in the same time, active in study.

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