Saturday, March 31, 2012


Both he and she is my classmate in UiTM Kedah, semester 4. I took all these photos without any purpose, hehe. I upload these photos due to what he and she ask me to do so. Sum-more, they called it as their pre-wedding photos although there is no declaration among them. Without further ado, enjoy these photos!

Note: Off-flash photography is the speedlite with wireless functioned.

Friday, March 30, 2012


Event: IDEC Got Talent 2012
Date: 25 February 2012
Venue: Dewan Perdana, UiTM Kedah
Photographer: Me

Couple of weeks before, I had uploaded a teaser about this event. Since I have many assignment and assessment is just around the corner at that time, I failed to follow up the update of the story. Due to time problem, today is the day I managed to select and upload some photos of IDEC Got Talent 2012 circumstances. No else to say, here I provide you these photos, enjoy!

the backbone man behind MAD Stompers

the opening gimmick, nice and creative!

among of the VIP audience

a special performance by form 3 students of SMJK Jin Min, Sungai Petani, divided into two team, both coordinated by The North Face and Amy Dancers crew

the robotic dance by dekmi, kinda awesome moves he make

the another performance by another finalist

the humble performance by Fitri, he plays Al-Jannah song by Mawi and he won the first place of this competition

2nd place runner up, Husni, who perform a very energetic and phenomenon dance

people's choice dance inside hall, Kpop style, haha

Amy Dancers, the contemporary dance and they won the 3rd place

event crew cheers at the end of the event

the dark process of selecting winners

the group photos of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winner of this competition

Overall, this event is very awesome and happening. This event was fully organized by Part 2 students with the aid of lecturer as their advisor. God Job for them!

Note: Since inside the Dewan Perdana is completely dark, the lighting solution in this event is very hard, and its hard for me to make the good pictures. Here is just what I got, hehe.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


(picture: google image)

World is being rotated to the past. 20 years ago, digital camera system seems very innovative and everybody hoped to own it. Now, after digital stuff is being common, I see this instant camera is very nice, I think I want to buy it!, haha. I could snap the picture and ready to keep it, instantly, and its save your time. Although the camera is remarkably affordable, but please be mind that the single film was costed for around RM5, haha.

Sunday, March 04, 2012


the opening gimmick of the event

the silhouette of three selected jury

Last week on 25 February, final IDEC Got Talent event was held in Dewan Perdana, UiTM Kedah. I want to share all pictures I took about this event on facebook and this blog, but I'm sorry because I can't. I have another commitment, and due to this I did not manage to see, select the best pictures and upload for your pleasure (AD student). Insya-Allah, in advance, I will update more picture about this event, IDEC Got Talent. This event is pretty awesome! Stay tuned.

Saturday, March 03, 2012


Last week, one of my lecturer in UiTM Kedah ask me to take the photography assignment for his wedding, but he want to see all my portfolio first before he decide on anything about it. Due to what he requested, I manage to upload some of my wedding photography portfolio collection. All these picture is a combination of different bride and groom, during I took a wedding assignment, and a tag along task with my fellow wedding photographer in Batu Pahat area. I record this images since 2009 until now. Actually, I'm still new in this field, so, enjoy my photos, and building criticism is preferable. Thanks.

Photos below is the newest collection of my wedding photos I took, enjoy.

Note: For information, all these photos is unedited, except for some photo with minor saturation and recompose.

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