Wednesday, November 16, 2011


our good time after SPM

Days after days, months after months, this blog was left abandoned. Long time before, I'm not updating this blog after I do not have enough story, and enough picture to share. But now, I have a plenty of stuff to share in the interesting ways, but, its proved me that I'm no longer desire to do so. So, just to fill my little time left in home, I wanna share that by tomorrow, I will heading to Seri Iskandar, Perak and the day after tomorrow, finally I'm back to Kedah. Being home in a month of holiday quite interesting. What the most of it is, the experience I've been in Singapore. Sees the world is just awesome! I hope I can widen my step to another country soon.

Having time with best friends is another awesome things too. Everybody on my classmate in SPM take their different path of their life. Haqkim, Fauzan, and Syazwan go through the engineering field, Ohm is on his way to be the rankest military officer, Aqib and Rafie are prepared themselves to be a good educator, and in silence, Haris is on his way too, he wanna be a medical officer, but, I don't know what had happened to So Hou now? No news of him now.

Despite of them, I choose art, hehe, and I swear I do not regret of it.

My greet is, good luck for form 5 students who take SPM right now, choose your path, your future carefully.