Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Venue : Taman Bintang (in front my house)
Date : 19 and 20 May 2009
Project : Replacing the old drains
Status : In construction
Developer : Malaysian Government

Picture taken on 19th of May. Nothing to describe, just sharing the picture, haha. Take by using the 18-200mm lens under very hot sun and I'm keeping sweat later on. Huh!

[semasa pulang dari sekolah]
This is Wednesday, 20th of May around 1.15 pm and as usually I'm wearing an uniform, a complete St. John uniform! Haha, man who are managing the Bajak quite surprise after seeing me with such that uniform while I'm entering my house. But, he's kinda friendly and I'm happy in helping them. Erm, helping by watching only, haha. I take the picture by using Nikon D300 with 10-24mm lens... huu I'm snapping the Bajak in a very short range for such a super-ultra wide lens like it. Very syok laa because I can feel the ground has a little vibrate while the Bajak operate the drains... dung!


cik erin said...

st. john jugak?
skola sy st. john laki mcm nak pupus.
ramai masuk KEPO, PKBM laut etc.

Afiq Syahmi, said...

kat skola sy, st.john, pngakap, dan bomba pun laki2 nye da nak pupus gak... huhu. lain sume g masok KEPO

Fauzan said...

Ami. Rumah ko nak dimusnahkan ke? Jadik ko nak tinggal mane?

Afiq Syahmi, said...

longkang dia yg nak di hancorkan... tmn bintang da jadik tapak pembinaan daa... haha

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