Thursday, June 25, 2009


Event: Modifying the motorcycle
Venue: Taman Bintang, Johor

Date: June 20th, 2009
Photographer: I am

The owner, Mr. Bulat demonstrate audience on how to make superman style while accelerating our motorcycle. According to him, his motorcycle definitely have no power to beat RXZ and others superbike outside there. Behalf on this problem, the qualified mechanic has been hired to change the cover set of his motorcycle and in the same time, all treatment to make this motorcycle more powerful has been set up. The main purpose on changing the cover set are to make owner's motorcycle have more racing look. But, Mr. Bulat does not realize that it is rubbish! Now, let check it out...

Mechanic is on duty in checking the wiring system. However setup of this motorcycle could he do, it is no longer use as I said before, rubbish! because it is still unbeatable to a legendary bike. Do you want to see a picture of it? Let us see the picture below.

Yeah! there is it! the true lagendary and most powerful motorcycle ever made yet. Refer to the owner (me), the top speed of this scooter is up to 500 horse power. Yeah! as the same par to Suzuki Hayabusa. For others, please do not envy okay... haha.

Grammar error has been spotted? If you do, comment yea... I'm improving, thank you very much.

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