Monday, January 04, 2010


While I doesn't manage to provide any post shortly, here I want to wish all readers:

HAPPY END YEAR 2009, HAPPY NEW YEAR 2010 and HAPPY BACK TO SCHOOL. Hope our new spirit, and the new goal for the new year of 2010 will be accomplish soon.

My 10th personal goal in the new year of 2010:
  1. Mastering the DSLR camera skill
  2. Mastering the portrait drawing skill
  3. Earn more money for any purpose which my parents refuse to buy me
  4. Be a morning person (wake up earlier in the morning)
  5. Be a more religious person (rajin beribadat)
  6. Finish up the study of car's license and master in driving car also
  7. Learn to be a good person ever
  8. Learn to manage time well
  9. Practicing healthy lifestyle
  10. Be a more caring person to ...
What are your goal? prepare it up and completing this okay!
Writer currently busy in preparing the stuff for any post in coming. Thank you for visiting.

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