Friday, July 22, 2011


Sketching is a part of my task in the further study. The meant sketching which I stand for is quite different from the public understanding, because it is named for industrial design sketch. Basically, we do noted that sketches is about artist who draw a figure, landscape and floral via his/her observation. In industrial design sketch, we were required to channel our idea through a paper, instantly. Easier we called as imagination work.

What I'm study for, IDE (Industrial Design) consisting of 3 majoring study, which as it is a product, transport and furniture. This kind of sketches is required me to show what product, do I sketch, in the very clear situation. Mean that, we should provide the focal point through the product on what I want to show as a main point. There is many techniques shown by lecturer as our reference. Tools that I need to make a good sketches is, graphic marker, white pen, high quality white/black/coloured pensil, soft pastel, cotton, baby and johnson powder, and a radio bond paper. The tools drain me a lot of money, but for the study purpose, I'm not really care.

What I state for right now, IDE sketches is about idea. When the idea is stuck, it is remain stuck. And eventually you sit on the table without sketch any. So, the main point I'm writing this post is, I faced that situation right now. Totally no idea, and getting bored facing a lot of sketches in a moment. While I rest in order to gain my afflatus and mood back, I've decided to write this post. I didn't expect it is feel good in doing so, hehe. Okay, I'm getting off back, Wassalam.

Currently in semester 3, IDE course for diploma level.

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