Thursday, July 21, 2011


Location : Melaka, The Historical City

Today, my post is simply about Kg. Morten. Morten's name indicates of something that I don't know, but nevermind about that. Last week, on Thursday to Saturday, I was stayed at Kg. Morten, in the homestay for a team task at Sirim Melaka and Menara Taming Sari. I spend two night there. The point is, the first sight on this Kg. Morten, definitely I'm falling in love with its beauty. It is a lot of trees, well developed, surround by a clean river and many more. For your information, the river cruise service in Melaka, the route is passing through the Kg. Morten. Next to it, if we loafing at the bank of the river, we can see the boat of tourist is passing-by, and they were waving their hand.

Sumore, the evening on this place is pretty awesome since the resident nearby of our homestay is super friendly. We have a chat, while loafing, and observe a nature, it is such a healthy things that I have done since a lot of time I spend in hostel room. At the night, there is a lot of lamp, light, which decorating every house at Kg. Morten, as seen on the picture. The resident said, the cost of these lamp was subsidiary by government. It is a good job done by government in order to light up the ordinary village in order to made it as a good spot of tourist.

I think I could make this post more on picture, and a detail description, but I'm really sorry because no room for me to do so since time is running really fast. By tomorrow I'm heading to Kedah because my week off is nearly over with undone assignment in my hand, so devastating. Hehe, it is difficult to do University task while we having a good time with family, so I deserve for many probability soon.

The way I write this post, it is make me calm (currently tension with no idea of doing ideation) even I don't know who's the reader, but I willing to thank you for those who willing to read my grumbling, and mind to fix my language since I think it is a lot of grammatical error. I'm improving with your concern, thank you again.

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