Saturday, July 23, 2011


A few days ago, I'm starting to write the post in this blog, in English. Hope anyone don't stamped me as a poyo person, hehe. Here I want to tell you what is the reason and the main reason is, I'm answering my English lecturer's appeal. He said to me, in order to made me familiar in English, do something which made me easy with English language, as example, keep updating status in facebook by using English. I'm used to do it, but I think it is not helping enough. Eventually I've decided to keep update with my blog, with English. So far, it is running smooth, and I feel good with it. This action, as much it can improve your English. That's true. I'm committed to improve myself, that's why I do such this thing, which it is keep updating my blog. We should have no shame if we done something wrong in this English writing. If we going wrong, it is okay because at least we try. Right?

I want to practice myself in English fluency, because it is essential once we were in the University. This post is purposely done because I want to fill my time. hehe. See ya, I have a work, gotta go.

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