Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Last Thursday on 11th Mac, I got my SPM result with not really flying colours because all the grade I brought away on my result from A to E except FAIL! hehe. 5A2B2C2D1E and it is equal to 12 subjects.

From that moment and now on, I am busy with the online application for the opportunity in further studies. So? this blog is left abandoned, hehe. By today (Tuesday), I am going to Malacca and tomorrow until Thursday, I'll in Kuala Lumpur for my sister's convocation and the next day, I'll be in Perak for family purpose. Wish all the process will be done clean, thanks. In the next post, insya-Allah it will be the picture about the school's circumstances in the day of SPM result's announcement.

Nothing to say about, just I want to wish thanks to all readers for reading my blog. I appreciate it very much! (Sorry for the bad grammar, mind to correct anything wrong? you are invited. Thank you!)

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