Thursday, December 03, 2009


three man show their skill on modeling in moment to enter the examination room upstairs

This SPM examination has been precisely started on November 18th. Now, it is going about to end. Science stream student (5SPM1 and 5SPM2) will undergo their last paper on this Tuesday, December 8th, for Chemistry paper. Others, they are going to the end of this exam in period of December 9th to 16th for many subject which are registered for them. After this? Yeah! SPM is finally end! This is what are we waiting for since it is started for many weeks ago, hehe.

Hope everybody can answer their last paper very well and lastly, what would you do right after this SPM? think wisely okay.

Signing off,
Afiq Syahmi


JA069A002 said...

LOL!! speaking la plak!! xpe2, paper BI da lps so be happy like ME!!^^ ops paper last lum lgi..haha..all da b from me, study least, get A's..

.Syafiq said...

spm is about to end. takde 'the' :)

Afiq Syahmi said...

oh syafiq, thnks ingatkan!

JA069A002... sape kau? haha

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