Thursday, September 03, 2009


image above is just for a viewing purpose
Due to my Trial SPM exam this week and this coming two weeks, here I want to rule myself to make my blog as the most no entry site for me until the entire exam is going to be over. Mean that, I won't update this blog along this exam period. I hope it worked, hehe.

Live photograph above show how hard the trial SPM is it. Picture was taken while he is undergoing the English paper, yesterday on September 3rd. Dear readers, wish me luck okay, thank you very much.

There is a note to Syafiq Sarkawi and I hope he would be noted on what I note about: Right now, stop blogging laaa mate. Trial is not over yet, SPM is also not over yet either... haha.
I think it might be ignored, that's why I cross it =)

Note: Special off on friday was given to us from our Educational Ministry of Malaysia, so we were ending our exam a day earlier, Thank you!


cik erin said...

sian syafiq kena sound.
guys, all the best.
syahmi, fauzan, syafiq.
i know u can do it! :)

.Syafiq said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Afiq Syahmi said...

cik erin = x yah kesian kat syafiq... hah hah

syafiq = ada! org yg online pastu bace blog org, dia x berblogging, TAPI org yg berblogging, biasanya akan tengok blog org dan dia berblogging di masa yang sama, anda phm apa aku mksudkan, haha

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